Ways to Prevent types 2 Diabetes

Till now, Type II diabetes has affected millions of people all around the world. That’s why; it is counted amongst the top chronic diseases that can result in blindness, failure of kidney, heart disease, and many other severe conditions. According to a report, about 70% of people who are suffering from prediabetes have more chances to develop Type II diabetes. There are numerous that contribute to the occurrence of such conditions. Therefore, we are here discussing a few of the actions that you can take to minimize the risk.

Cut down the sugar level from your diet

It has been seen that sugary foods and refined carbs are known to increase the risk of developing diabetes. The body generally breaks the foods into small sugar molecules that further get absorbed into the bloodstream.

People who are having prediabetes generally become resistant to insulin, and hence, sugar level gets high in the blood. To compensate for the situation, the pancreas has to produce a tremendous amount of insulin. It is advisable to work on your diet while cutting down the intake of refined carbs or sugars.

Do regular exercises

The physical activities are a must for everyone to prevent various diseases. In diabetes, the exercises play a role by boosting the insulin sensitivity of the cells. Hence, your body requires less insulin to balance the blood sugar level.

Numerous physical activities are helpful in minimizing insulin resistance and also blood sugar.

Drink plenty of water 

Water is known to be a natural beverage. Sticking to water can comes up with lots of advantages. Many sugary beverages, such as soda, generally increase the risk of Type II diabetes. Consuming water can help in controlling the blood sugar in the body.

If you are overweight, lose that fat

People who are diagnosed with Type II diabetes tend to gain excess weight in the midsection of your body. The excess visceral fat results in promoting inflammation and makes your body insulin resistance resulting in a risk of diabetes.

Losing weight is a way to reduce down the risk of diabetes and benefits you the most.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a primary reason that contributes to severe various health conditions like cancer, heart disease, emphysema. As per the research, smoking and also second-hand smoke exposure can result in Type II diabetes. It has also seen that men start gaining weight after quitting smoke and the risk of diabetes.

Start following a very-low-carb diet

The ketogenic diet is very popular nowadays that includes a very-low-carb diet, and it is very helpful in avoiding diabetes. Various ways are there by which you can balance your diet and do lose weight. The Diabetes control diet  has proven to decrease blood sugar levels along with insulin.

Check out your portion sizes

Now when you have decided to follow a low-carb diet, the next important thing is watching your portion size. The small portions of food help minimize the risk of diabetes, especially when you are overweight. Even the experts suggest following this for Diabetes Management.

So, until now, it is pretty clear that you can control your diabetes if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

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