How to Plan a Healthy Diet during Quarantine

Suppression of the movement of individuals and goods which is meant to stop the spread of disease is named Quarantine. Quarantine has been now imposed by the govt of every and each country to save lots of community spread of COVID-19. the govt is taking precautions and measures to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID-19. due to this, business is being temporarily closed, restaurants and take-away offers are being limited and a few items in supermarkets are getting less available. People that are quarantined haven’t any choice of healthy food items and are eating junk purchased from outside.

Limited access to fresh has impacted the eating pattern of quarantine people. Thanks to the non-availability of certain food items, people tend to consume food items that are processed and high in fats, sugars, and salts. This eating behavior could have a negative impact on the system , overall physical and psychological state , and therefore the general well being of the individuals globally.

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Steps for a healthy diet during quarantine:

  1. Purchase what’s required: due to the lockdown situation, panic buying behavior is observed and other people are purchasing packaged food items that are highly processed and nonperishable in order that they ought to have food availability whether it’s healthy or not. So, first and foremost thing is to shop for only healthy food items and assess what you’ve got already reception and plan your intake. Utilize what’s available within the kitchen and avoid food wastage.
  2. Fresh Ingredients: Use only fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables, and reduce the intake of fat-rich dairy products.
  3. Home Cooked Meals: due to quarantine, people now have time to cook those healthy recipes which they weren’t ready to make during the daily routine of a busy schedule. Now you’ll cook healthy meals reception .
  4. Portion Size: Control portion sizes, as you’re reception you would possibly shall eat more. So have an impact over portion sizes which can not increase up the calories consumed by you. Even, eat but what’s required as there’s no physical activity, you’ll not be ready to burn the calories which are taken.
  5. Limit Salt, Sugar & Fat Intake
  6. Consume enough fibre as people face constipation issues due to an entire sedentary lifestyle.
  7. Increase liquid intake to stay yourself hydrated and it’ll help to not increase the additional calories
  8. Avoid Alcohol
  9. Enjoy eating with family: this is often the simplest time you’ll enjoy healthy meals reception and inculcate healthy eating practices in children too.
  10. Include any quite physical activity either household work/ yoga, pranayam etc.
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