How to Lose Weight Fast

The inability to get into your favourite jeans is an indicator that you have gained a few pounds. This often makes one think why it is so that it’s easy to gain weight while it is as difficult to lose the extra pounds. Well, losing weight depends on a lot of factors including your physical composition, how much physical activity do you indulge in and more importantly what is your set goal to lose in a week.

If you are looking for a way out to lose weight fast to fit in your favourite dress for a wedding or a beach party. Well, then this blog is for you. Here in this blog, we have presented an exquisite Weight Loss Program comprising of the perfect Weight loss diet plan and activities that can speed up your metabolism in dropping those extra pounds from your body. So here they are:

Do not skip breakfast

One of the foremost aspects of a Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan is never skipping your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast serve you no good. Instead, it will drop down your metabolism and lead to hormonal changes.

Divide your meal into 6 courses

The simple Weight loss diet plan  recommended by experts is to eat less than you burn. Instead of completely skipping your intake of food, divide it into small equal courses.

Cut down the intake of starch and sugar

One of the ideal Weight loss programs comprises cutting down the intake of starch and sugar. This helps in levelling down your hunger and thereby causing a lesser intake of calories. So instead of burning carbs for energy, the body begins to feed on stored fat. Additionally, lower intake of carbs leads to a reduced level of insulin, thereby making your body shed excess sodium and water. This eventually reduces bloating and unwanted water weight.

A balanced diet of protein, fat and low-carb

A Quick weight loss diet plan comprises of a balanced diet made of protein, fats and low carb vegetables. A high protein-rich diet aid in reducing hunger carving and thus helping in quick weight loss.

Some of the best high protein source food includes Meat, Seafood and Eggs. On the other hand, a low-carb diet comprises of Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, Tomato, Cauliflower, Kale, and much more.

Drink water in regular interval

As per studies, drinking water 30 minutes before your dinner plays a significant role in your Weight loss program. It is known to quicken weight loss by 44% in 3 months.

Drink Tea and Coffee

Apart from being a good energy booster. Drinking tea and coffee leads to an increase in the levels of cortisol as well as also aids in boosting the rate of metabolism. And this indirectly is useful in weight loss and shedding the additional weight.

Eat more of whole and unprocessed food

Refrain from eating processed food. Rather eat whole and unprocessed food which will keep you more filled and prevent overeating.

Weight loss is not an unachievable quest. Following a well-planned Weight Loss Diet Plan and workout will help in shedding the extra weight and going back to fit from fat.

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