How to Clean Vegetables When Bringing from the Market

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a communicable disease whose suspected source has been discovered through the consumption of bats. It basically originated from a butcher shop in Wuhan city situated in China. most of the people infected with COVID-19 experience symptoms like respiratory disease , dry cough, sneezing. We are sharing some tips to wash the vegetables when bringing from the market. Older people, kids but 10 years and people individuals with underlying medical issues like diabetes, disorder , Respiratory ailments are more likely to catch the disease easily.

Modes of transmission: Does COVID-19 Virus Spread Via Vegetables!

According to the FDA and WHO, no evidence has been found yet that it are often transferred through products like fruits and vegetables. The COVID-19 spreads mainly through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose of an infected person if he/she coughs or sneezes. It’s possible that the virus can get into the food if someone who is infected, coughs or sneezes over that food or if the virus is on their hands and it comes in touch . But unlike bacteria that cause foodborne illness, the coronavirus doesn’t multiply on vegetables and other foods. WHO emphasizes on few Measures that ought to be taken care to stop the transmit of disease and protect yourself:

• Social Distancing

• Hand Hygiene and Washing hands Regularly

• Respiratory Etiquette

• Environmental hygiene and Disinfection

• Drink many liquids and eat a healthy diet

• Cleaning Methods While Bringing from Market:

Since COVID-19 is an communicable disease so every small move must be checked while buying/storing them. it’s important to scrub all the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before you eat them, to make sure they’re clean and safe and to finally store in your refrigerator. Some examples to wash the vegetables when bringing from outside.

Few ways to wash Vegetables while bringing these from outside:

1. Take warm water, put some white salt and dissolve. Dip Vegetables for 30 mins and wash them by rubbing them. you’ll Use a clean sanitized cloth to dry then store them. Wash your hands thoroughly after this with an anti-bacterial wash/soap.

2. Pour 2 tsp of apple vinegar during a bucket and soak the vegetables for 30 mins, wash thoroughly and rinse with clean water 2-3 times.

3. Buy packaged, sealed meat/ poultry products, store them in separate containers than raw vegetables.

4. bit of Antibacterial wash like Dettol also can be used as a disinfectant for laundry the produce, take alittle amount of your soap on your hands, rub and dissolve in water and put the vegetables. Rinse the vegetables thoroughly with clean water 2-3 times later.

Being conscious of the present scenario with COVID-19 and knowing the threats caused by it, it’s advised that you simply lookout of yourself and your surroundings, the food you eat and therefore the groceries and fresh produce you purchase from outside, sanitize them and use in order that you’re safe and guarded from the health hazards of COVID-19. Practice the above precautions on a day to day and keep yourself safe.

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