Get your body back after pregnancy


A big challenge for any new mother is gaining back her pre-baby body. Many ladies experience physical problems post-pregnancy, either a consequence of the birthing experience or caring for young children. The pelvic floor, lower back, stomach and core abdominal muscles are weakened. Women also grapple with incontinence, lower back and knee pains thanks to weight gain, post-partum depression, low energy levels and stress.

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Begin once you feel ready

In the past, women were instructed to attend a minimum of six weeks after parturition to start exercising. However, if you had an uncomplicated delivery, it’s generally safe to start understanding as soon as you are feeling ready. ask your doctor, to get on the safe side.

Start slow

Increase the pace of exercise gradually. Ligaments and joints are supple and pliable, so it’s easier to injure yourself by stretching or twisting an excessive amount of. Avoid any high-impact exercises or sports that need rapid direction changes.

Set realistic weight loss goals

Don’t expect nine months of pregnancy weight to disappear as soon as you start your workouts. Many mothers lose about 10 pounds once they give birth and may expect to lose approximately one pound per week once they begin a post-pregnancy diet, so use these standards as approximate goals. Drink many fluids and wear a supportive bra (if you’re breastfeeding, also wear nursing pads). Stop exercising if you are feeling pain.

After parturition to triplets, and injuring my back within the process, I found myself 30 kg overweight. My determination to urge healthy is what eventually led to a career in fitness and that i did revisit in shape. Read on, and I’ll tell you ways to urge there too.

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