Best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The quest to fitting in your favorite jeans after adding a few extra pounds can be quite a task. Well, it can be disheartening too. Weight gain is often related to different reasons such as stress, hormonal imbalance, conditions like PCOD, lack of physical exercise and much more. Besides, more often than not, it is the eating habit that leads to adding on extra pounds. For maintaining a healthy body, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet. Each element must be had proportionately to keep you fit and healthy. Besides, most people are into the misconception that a Weight Loss Diet Plan must include intermittent fasting, keto diet, raw diet or intake of health supplements. And this is where we go wrong.


To begin with, our Indian food offers variety in the platter to explore. It includes a balanced proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and fats. This makes it a healthier and quick Weight Loss Program to try out for healthily losing weight without compromising on the requirement of the body.


So, if you are in the hunt for a lucrative Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan, this blog ill surely help you out find the best and Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan by a dietician who is renowned in their field.


Skipping breakfast is a big NO! 

Breakfast makes a crucial part in our diet. Often people tend to skip this important part and jump straight to lunch. This is where they go wrong. If you wish to lose weight quickly then do not skip your breakfast at any cost. As per quick weight loss plan by dietician include following inverted pyramid i.e. beginning with heavy breakfast and reducing the intake over the day. Ensure to have a wholesome breakfast that is filling and breaks your fast of 8 hours after dinner. Include Idlis, bread, eggs, uttapam, dosa or parathas that make the best option.


A medium affair Lunch

If you skip your breakfast you will overeat during lunch. To avoid this, have your breakfast wholly. Follow this with a medium lunch that consists of essential elements that can provide your health. These include roti, sabzi, curd or rice, rajma, dal, etc. The food should be moderately heavy and must comprise a blend of carbs, fat, and proteins.


Mini meals

Instead of feeding your body everything at one time, dividing it into smaller meals will prove beneficial for you. Cut your meals into 6 segments. In between have mini-meals comprising of fruits, nuts, peanuts, etc. They will provide you the necessary nutrition and also take away the feeling of hunger.


Have light dinner

Dinner should be the lightest. Also, must be had 2-3 hours before you hit your bed. Include dal chawal, curd rice or khichdi that will quench your hunger and not overfill you.


As per NutriFit India, no Indian diet is complete without curd, ghee, and buttermilk. However, having them moderately and following a balanced and mindful diet can help in losing weight quickly. Follow the best weight loss plan by NutriFit and fit into your jeans without worry!

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