10 Health Benefits of Muskmelon that you simply must know

We all are conversant in this delicious summer fruit but aren’t conscious of its potential benefits. You’d be happy to understand that it’s not only an incredibly refreshing evening snack of the summer but also an excellent nutritional source. Muskmelon, also mentioned as ‘sweet melon,’ got its name from its strong musky smell. It’s a yellow-colored fruit with tempting sweetness and a pleasing aroma. They abundantly available within the summer season and have high water content, making them hydrating and cooling.

From its flesh to skin, and seeds, all parts of muskmelon fruit have health benefits if applied or consumed the proper way. The skin and seeds are often ground into a paste to form a facemask. It’s a free manicure that folks are practicing for ages. Applying the paste to your skin can help reduce any signs of dryness, blemishes, acne, etc.

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Moreover, for pregnant women, muskmelon juice is very recommended by doctors thanks to its high folate content that helps in preventing water retention by eradicating excess sodium from the body.

Nutritional Benefits of Muskmelon

The numerous health benefits of muskmelon are often attributed to its rich nutritional content that’s necessary for healthy body functioning.

100 grams of muskmelon contains:

 Calories 34

 Dietary fiber 0.9 gram

 Fat 0.19 gram

 Protein 0.84 gram

 Carbohydrates 8.6 grams

Health Benefits of Muskmelon

Everybody loves the taste of cold, juicy muskmelon during the summers. While it’s amazingly sweet and crunchy, it’s various health benefits that everyone must know. the subsequent are a number of the proven health benefits of muskmelon that you simply should check out .

#1 Muskmelon for the healthy gastrointestinal system

Muskmelon has high fiber and water content, which makes it an excellent natural healer for people affected by indigestion, constipation, and other gastrointestinal system issues. The fiber content in muskmelon helps in regulating proper bowel movements with a relaxing and cooling effect on the stomach. Fiber adds bulk to the stool and keeps hunger pangs cornered . Furthermore, the high content of vitamin C mineral in muskmelon help in treating stomach ulcers.

#2 Muskmelon helps in regulating vital sign

People affected by high vital sign are recommended to feature muskmelon to their diet as this potassium-rich fruit helps in relaxing the blood vessels, aiding smooth in-flow of blood. Potassium acts as a vasodilator that keeps your vital sign in restraint and ensures that it doesn’t elevate.

#3 Muskmelon promoted hair growth

There are studies that have proved the potential benefits of muskmelon for hair growth. The vitamin A content in muskmelon could do wonders for your hair that no other product can. Vitamin A is understood for exciting the assembly of sebum, which is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that help keep your hair healthy. Moreover, directly applying muskmelon pulp to your scalp can help boost hair health, leading to long, lustrous hair.

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#4 Muskmelons may support the vision and eye health

Muskmelon contains three potent antioxidants – beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein – that are documented for supporting eye health. Eating muskmelon regularly can help prevent the event of age-related vision loss and support proper eye function throughout your life. Research indicates that often consuming foods that are rich in these antioxidants alongside vitamins A and C, like muskmelon, may cause healthy eye functioning with proper vision. Beta-carotene is what gives muskmelon its bright color. Consistent with health experts, beta-carotene is liable for proper eye functioning, aiding good eyesight, and age-related vision problems. So, you ought to introduce muskmelon in your diet for a healthy eye.

#5 Muskmelons may boost immunity

Muskmelon is rich in vitamin C content, which may be a powerful antioxidant which will help in boosting your immunity. Aside from having high vitamin C concentration, muskmelon also contains photochemical, beta-carotene, and vitamin A that help keep your gut healthy. Your gut health is directly related to your system. The great bacteria in your gut help with the right functioning of the body. Moreover, vitamin C helps in stimulating the assembly of protective white blood cells that help destroy numerous dangerous microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, and other toxins that would invade your body and spread diseases.

#6 Muskmelons for beautiful-looking skin

One of the many benefits of muskmelon is that it’s great for your skin. For starters, the antioxidants in muskmelon help in removing any impurities from your skin. Muskmelon is additionally full of skin-friendly collagen, which may be a protein that helps keep the skin tissues soft and tight while preventing it from withering. Since muskmelon has vitamin C content in abundance, it helps in maintaining the natural glow of your skin. Of these aspects make muskmelon a must-add food to your diet for healthy skin. The sweetness of muskmelon is that no a part of it goes to waste. While you’ll eat the flesh or make juice out of it, you’ll ground the seeds, pulp, and skin into a paste and apply it on your skin everywhere the body. it’s one among the cost-effective and efficient ways to treat your skin.

#7 Muskmelons may help combat stress

We sleep in a world where our lifestyles became more hectic. Eating certain foods can have a stress-relieving impact on your mind, as well. Muskmelon, being rich in potassium, is taken into account a stress-relieving food which will assist you feel more focused and relaxed. Potassium in muskmelon can help normalize the heartbeat and promote the availability of oxygen to the brain. This helps your brain to settle down and focus.

#8 Muskmelons for arthritis

Muskmelon has anti-inflammatory properties which will help relieve pain related to arthritis. Arthritis can cause inflammation within the joints of the knees and legs, which may be extremely painful. It makes doing daily activities like walking, standing, sitting, etc. more strenuous. People affected by atrophic arthritis are prescribed to incorporate foods that are highly anti-inflammatory. Eating muskmelon can help prevent oxidative stress in your bones and joints, thereby reducing inflammation. Several studies indicate that including muskmelon in your daily diet could help in handling inflammation and bone-related issues like osteoporosis

#9 Muskmelon cures toothache

One of the surprising benefits of muskmelon is that it can assist you curing toothache and other dental related issues. A study published within the US National Library of drugs in 2016 emphasized the advantages of muskmelon for treating abnormal dental pain. Consistent with experts, eating raw muskmelon or rinsing your mouth with an answer made from muskmelon skin can help in handling dental pain. Experts recommend making your own muskmelon mouthwash reception. Take a couple of peels of muskmelon skin, add water, and boil till cooked. Strain the mixture employing a strainer and wait till it cools down. On cooling, rinse your mouth with the answer a few of times each day. If you had made extra, store it within the refrigerator and use it within each day or two.

#10 Muskmelon is useful for lungs

Regular intake of muskmelon replenishes your body with vitamin A . Over time, the vitamin A content in your body depletes thanks to several factors, which include smoking, pollution, ingesting pollutants, consuming adulterated food items, etc. This all makes your lungs get weaker day by day. Vitamin A in your body helps in rejuvenating the lungs, allowing you to breathe fully and properly. This is often especially beneficial for those that are passive smokers and youngsters affected by breathing issues. The nutrients and minerals in muskmelon help in relieving you from congestion within the lungs.

Healthy Ways to Consume Musk Melon

While people prefer eating muskmelon raw, right out from the refrigerator, there are some mouthwatering muskmelon recipes which will enhance your experience. During this section, we’ll tell you a simple muskmelon recipe, which isn’t only healthy, but you’ll also prepare it reception also.

Muskmelon-Mint Slush


 Muskmelon – 2 cups dig small pieces

 Black salt – 1/4 teaspoon


 Create a smooth puree by blending muskmelon and mint with black salt into a blender or a liquidizer

 Now, combine all the ingredients during a bowl and blend well

 Take a shallow container, and pour the combination in it. Freeze for 3-4 hours. Again, take the blender and liquidize the mixture till it turns slushy

 Pour the slushy mixture into glasses, garnish it with mint leaves and serve chilled

Green Salad with muskmelon dressing


 1 cup lettuce leaves torn

 1 cucumber cut in cubes

 1 capsicum cut in cubes

 1 cup blanched broccoli florets


 1 cup chopped muskmelon

 1 tbsp coriander leaves

 1 tbsp mint leaves

 1 tsp cumin powder

 Salt and pepper to taste.


 Blend ingredients for the dressing.

 Combine all veggies during a bowl, pour the dressing and serve.

Muskmelon banana smoothie


 1 cup muskmelon

 1 banana frozen

 ½ cup curd

 ½ cup water


 Blend all the ingredients and serve chilled

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Muskmelons are healthy, delicious, and close to be in season! So confirm that you simply get your batch of fresh muskmelons for the entire family. It might be an error to miss out on the goodness of this mouthwatering fruit. Not only muskmelon boasts many health benefits like aiding vital sign, treating dental pain, managing stress, etc. but it’s also a neighborhood of many recipes that you simply can easily make reception.

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